venerdì 26 febbraio 2016

Me, myself and I

I never opened a blog why I dislike "share" too much despite I have a Facebook account. In fact my post frequency is really low.
However a combination of circumstances led me to open one, so, I want to introduce myself.

I came to light in an anonymous hospital in South Italy in anonymous Tuesday in January '94, just a few months after Italy lost the historic final against Brazil during  USA World Cup, but this is another story...
I'm the youngest of three brothers and for the most part of my life even the youngest of the family.

Many passions flooded my childhood and my adolescence, but only a few remain even now, one of these is computer science.
Two memories are much alive in my brain: the first IBM Desktop PC at home, and absolutely the first time I surfed the Net with an unfamiliar USB Modem configured on Ubuntu 7.04 (a very mess!!!).

Nowadays I study Computer Science at University of Milano-Bicocca, I'm next to bachelor degree and I plan to continue my studies.

But, there's another thing that I must mention before end this first post. 
This because it allowed me to prove myself and to satisfy the need to do "something concrete" in an Open Source community, yet close and cozy.

It's WikiToLearn.

A few months ago I got in touch with the founder of WikiToLearn, Riccardo, because what he had already started with three other great people (a special thanks to Davide), had occurred to me, but I wanted to use a different approach to the thing. Why invent the wheel again? Join them would surely have been the best way, and it was, otherwise I assure you now I would not be writing these lines.

So, that's it. Just Me, Myself and I...